Solar Repairs and Installations Castle Hill

We do solar installation, repair and servicing with a focus on safety and efficiency. We’ll use both our solar and electrical expertise so that you’ll have a safe and highly efficient solar power system. Phone us now at 0409 381 978 for a free no-obligation quote.
Solar repairs and installations Castle Hill
Our goal here at Essential NRG is to let you have a system that collects the maximum amount of energy for your residential or commercial use. This way you’ll get the highest return on investment and get significant energy savings every month.
We tailor the solution and installation according to your requirements, the available surface area and the surrounding environment and conditions. This results in getting the most value out of every dollar you invest for solar energy. This is also great for the environment because there’s less waste. The energy generation, distribution and consumption is more straightforward (instead of travelling through kilometres of power lines).
Our qualified tradesmen are straightforward when it comes to efficiency. Other reasons customers choose us are:
● We have decades of electrical experience and expertise (this is important because we have to connect the solar to your electrical system)
● Full insurances in Public Liability, Professional Indemnity and Workers Compensation
● Member of the National Electrical and Communications Association (we follow the latest standards on electrical safety and performance as well as the safety of our crew)
● Tailored solutions to maximise value and efficiency
● Premium and long-lasting materials and components for optimal ROI
● High-efficiency solar panels and components for a quick payback
Solar maintenance Castle Hill
To maintain the efficiency, regular maintenance and inspection should be done so that you always get significant energy savings. This is also crucial for prolonging the lifetime of the solar equipment and connected electrical components.
Our team here is always ready to do the maintenance and servicing. We’ll carefully clean and inspect the entire system and make sure every component is functioning well. We’ll also make sure that efficiency remains high and that each electrical connection is safe.
Phone us now at 0409 381 978 and the Essential NRG will promptly do the solar repair, installation and maintenance. We service the entire Castle Hill including residential and commercial customers near Windsor Road, Wrights Rd, Green Rd, Gilbert Rd, Tuckwell Rd, Showground Rd, Coolong Reserve, Excelsior Ave, Old Northern Rd, Erick Mobbs Reserve and anywhere in Castle Hill.