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Are you facing a problem with your solar panels? Contact Essential NRG today for high quality solar repair in North Sydney.

A solar system is a complicated system with numerous parts, a lot of which are exposed day in and day out. Like is the case with any product, anything can go wrong with your solar panels and inverters. They may need servicing on a regular basis, or they may break down.

We can fix all kinds of solar system problems. Call us today at 0409 381 978 for a free quote.

Common Solar Problems

    Broken panels
  • Faulty panels
  • Faulty inverter
  • Faulty AC component
  • Faulty DC component
  • Damage from lightning
  • Poorly performing panels
  • Unsafe wiring
  • Solar inverter problems

Whether you have a problem listed here or any other issue, contact us for professional solar repair in North Sydney.

Top Notch Solar Repairs in North Sydney

solar repair north sydneyWe are an accredited solar repair company with years of experience. Our technicians are fully qualified and trained. We will handle your service request efficiently to get your solar system back and running quickly and effectively.

When you request for a repair, we will begin with the basic steps to see if the solar system turns on. Sometimes, you only have to reboot the system and everything works perfectly well. We will then inspect your panel and inverter carefully to determine the fault.

We fix all types and brands of inverters. We can get them up and running in no time.

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If you are working with a faulty solar inverter or panel, it means you are not making the most of your system. Get in touch with Essential NRG without further ado so you can make the most of your investment.