Australian Standard Solar Panel Installation: What To Expect

With immeasurable financial and environmental benefits, solar panel installations are becoming increasingly popular. Indeed, there were 362,000 Australian standard solar panel installations carried out in the last year alone. The installation process has to be performed correctly if you want the best results. If you’re new to solar energy you might not be aware of what the process involves or how to install solar panels. In this post we provide insight into what to expect during an Australian standard solar panel installation.

The Site Inspection

Before any installation can proceed, a solar specialist will visit your property. They will work out the status of your home electricity system and make sure it is compatible with the new solar system you want to install. The solar specialist will inspect your roof to make sure it can support a photovoltaic unit. They will also check your electricity panel to see if needs an upgrade before installation commences.

Securing Standard Permits and Documentation

There is a fair bit of paperwork that needs to be handled before an Australian standard solar installation can begin. Your installer will take care of most of this, but keep in mind there will be a few things you will need to sign. It’s also worth considering that federal and state government initiatives and rebates may be available and can save you money on your installation.

Building permits will need to be signed and regulate things like how many panels can be installed on your roof. It’s always best to choose a local contractor to install your photovoltaic panels because they will be up to date on building permit requirements.

Getting paperwork completed can take some time in the best of circumstances, so it’s worth staying on top of your installer if you want the job completed quickly.

Solar Components Delivery

When the paperwork has been filled out, your contractor can begin to order the components needed to start your Australian standard solar panel installation. You will have chosen the system before signing a contract. The two primary components you will have chosen are the solar panels and the inverters. Different products will offer varying efficiency, durability, aesthetics and cost.

Your equipment will arrive on the day of installation, usually 1-2 months after you have finalised the paperwork. One tip to speed up the process is to order your panels in Winter when the contractor is not as busy.

Australian Standards Solar Panel Installation

During installation, your contractor will start by preparing your roof, by making sure all the shingles are secure. They will then lay the wiring that will connect to your power system. Next, they will build the racking which supports each panel. When the racking is secure, they will install the panels into position. Finally, your contractor will connect your inverts to your panels. These convert DC energy into AC energy which homes connected to the grid use. Installation generally takes 1-3 days.

The final step in the process of Australian standard solar panel installation is to turn the unit on. Before this happens, a contractor will ensure electrical wiring is correct, racking is secure and safe, the system meets electrical safety standards and that it adheres to Australian roofing codes. After everything has been approved, the unit will go live on the grid. This final evaluation can take 2-4 weeks.

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