Are Solar Panels Worth It for a Business?

If your business operating hours is 9 to 5 and you have the right solar equipment (and they’re installed optimally by professionals), a solar power system will be worth it. It’s possible to have the payback in a few years but this depends on your business operations (e.g. your HVAC running costs are high) as well as on the system installed (e.g. just the right number of solar panels and they’re all high-performance).

Are solar panels worth it for a business?

Aside from saving on energy costs and quickly taking advantage of the available incentives related to the use of solar energy, having a solar power system will also signal to the marketplace that you’re committed to sustainability. It’s especially the case if some of your business operations are already environment-friendly (e.g. you use eco-friendly packaging, you recycle as much as possible).

It’s a way of helping the environment while still pursuing our economic and financial goals. Although every economic activity has environmental consequences, we should still aim to minimise the impact. Thankfully, the government actively supports this by providing financial incentives related to the purchase and use of solar power. This makes us more inclined to have a system installed in our building or business.

Some information about installation

To get a rough idea, you might need a 30 kW system to power your business. Roughly this is equivalent to 120 kWh each day of electricity generated. If everything’s running efficiently, this is equal to up to $2000 per month of savings.

It’s just a rough estimate because it still depends on your location, the number of solar panels (you might require up to 100 panels or more) and your business energy requirements. To get a more accurate idea and estimate, you can contact us here at Essential NRG and our technicians will do a site audit.

Often, commercial sites have higher energy requirements than residences and the installation details are more complex. Subsidies and incentives (and also gaining approval on connecting your system to the grid) might also be different for businesses compared to residential customers. As a result, it’s important that the professional installers and technicians you choose are qualified to handle commercial solar projects (we’re fully qualified, knowledgeable and experienced here at Essential NRG).