Half of Australian Rooftops Suitable For Solar Installation

Up to 50% of Australia’s roofing real estate is available for use by solar panels, but remains unused at present. Industrial suburbs account for most of the under utilised capacity at the moment. This is according to research conducted recently at The University of New South Wales.

The paper suggested that solar installation on 40% of the Sydney’s rooftops could produce enough power for 22% of the city. This many solar panels would produce the same energy as a medium sized coal fired power station. Right now, though, solar panels only account for 1% of Sydney’s roof space.

In Melbourne, 38% of all rooftops can support solar panel installation. If installed, a solar framework of this size could account for 12% of all the city’s electricity needs. 45% of Brisbane’s rooftops can host solar panels and 50% of Canberra’s roofs are suitable for use.

The research takes into account the orientation of buildings towards the sun. Also, the degree of shadows produced by vegetation or other adjacent structures. These variables are used when calculating the available real estate suitable for solar installation.

Industrial districts and factory zones contain the largest number of flat expanses which hold potential for solar panels. This is true regardless of the city being investigated.
In Sydney, Rosebery and the CBD account for the largest available solar space. West Melbourne, Fishermans Bend and the Docklands area hold the greatest potential in the city of Melbourne. Canberra’s public buildings account for the greatest availability of solar panel real estate.

This research has led to calls for greater building improvement across Australia’s capital cities. This call stems from other research showing that many roofs are installed without the capacity to support a solar panel. Engineering standards at the moment result in the installation of compliant roofs. However, these roofs typically do not have the structural capacity to hold a panel which is a tremendous waste of space.

Why Australian property developers don’t use stronger roofing remains motivated by cheaper costs elsewhere. However, considering that a solar panel pays itself off in ten years, developers need to take more action. Australia’s capital cities must be made solar ready. Ten years is nothing in the lifespan of a commercial building, but ten years of reduced carbon emissions is huge.
Indeed, solar also helps consumers save on energy bill/electricity bill costs. It does this by producing sustainable energy. A feed in tariff for energy surplus may be available to supplement income too.

The UNSW research referred to in this blog has been compounded by the development of Sunspot, an online tool. The tool allows property owners accurately to assess the solar power potential of their rooftops.

Launched by federal minister for urban infrastructure and cities, Paul Fletcher, Sunspot was developed by the APVI and UNSW. The app was funded by the federal government’s Smart Cities and Suburbs program.

Australia leads the world in rooftop solar, but there is still lots of potential for adding more solar. It’s now the cheapest form of electricity generation.
Sunspot aims to give energy consumers the information they need to make a decision how much solar they should install. It also shows them how much they will save when they do invest in solar panel infrastructure.

Initially the tool covers the six mainland capitals, but it will grow to include other regional towns too.

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