Offset Your Air Conditioning This Summer With Solar Panel Savings

This Summer, coming to a house near you, is a wonderful home augmentation that promises to save your neighbours hundreds of dollars on their Summer energy bill. Installing solar panels is cheap, and it promises great savings over the lifespan of a house. While a solar panel setup may not completely power your house over the Summer, there is definite potential to save money on things like air conditioning and pool electricity. Don’t be left out – contact Essential NRG today to speak to a professional about solar panel installation and solar savings.

Solar panels work by a series of photovoltaic cells hooked up to a battery. When sunlight falls on the cells, the photons excite a photosensitive material which produces electricity. Electricity is then stored by a battery and fed into the home’s power supply. Any excess electricity produced is siphoned off onto the electricity grid for a feed in tariff rate. Because the power source is available to everyone, home owners can save money by using less electricity provided by conventional networks and instead relying on solar generated electricity to power their household items.

Electricity prices have never been higher, and electricity bills can really hit you where it hurts depending on your situation. By reducing your on-the-grid electricity consumption, you reduce the cost of electricity when it comes time to pay your power bills. Solar pv systems use photovoltaic energy production to produce electricity. Solar panel systems therefore save you money you otherwise would have spent (proverbially) on gas and coal.

Most solar panels generate between 4 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity per day in Sydney. This translates to approximately 350-850kWh per month. To put things into perspective, a common household uses about 897kWh per month. This means that it is actually entirely possible to power your entire house with about 20 square feet of solar panels installed on your roof. Solar energy savings are evidently abundant here as energy costs are reduced by relying less on traditional utility providers.

One of the major issues with solar powered houses, however, is that the panels only really work efficiently during the day time in the warmer months. The Australian Winter sun is not strong enough to power most solar panels effectively, so home owners with solar panels may have to rely on a traditional electrical connection to power their homes in the cooler months and at night.

This issue can easily be negated by installing a solar battery at your property to store electricity for when the sun is not out. In a similar fashion, by running air conditioning and pool cleaning equipment during the day, you use electricity that is being generated in the present.

Another problem with solar panels is the maintenance that becomes necessary following storms or dry periods. It can be troublesome to get up onto the roof and properly remove dust and other debris from your panels. You can actually cause harm to the delicate photovoltaic cells while doing this. It’s best practice to maintain your solar panels every twelve months with a scheduled check up from Essential NRG. We’ll do the hard work for you and will make sure that your photovoltaic cells are operating as effectively as possible.

If you are interested in investing in a solar powered system for your house, contact the experts at Essential NRG today for a quick quote and installation. You can use solar power calculators online to see how much you will save with your system. This can give you an indication about the size of system that you need. We are also able to give recommendations about products that suit the size of your home and your electricity needs.

We are open for business Monday to Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm. Call our solar installer Paul on 0409 381 978 to ask any questions or to place an order for solar panels today.