Solar Repairs Hills District

Solar Repairs Hills District

Offset your summer cooling and winter heating bills. Offset your pool pump costs as well as that extra fridge in the garage.

The solar power industry is filled with slick unqualified sales and marketing people and whilst these companies offer cheaper solar pricing upfront, they don’t want to know after the system has been installed, you can rely on Essential NRG to still be here when you need us. We only provide the highest quality solar panels and inverters, and ensure that all of our installations meet or exceed the Australian Standards. All of our manufacturers having an Australian office and provide a full warranty.

Selling a solar system is not as easy as just quoting a price, we prefer to conduct a site audit including a review of your electricity consumption patterns.

  • Benefit from thousands of dollars in rebates
  • Save on electricity bills
  • Add value to your home
  • Benefit the environment

No one household is the same, so why do you need the same size system as your neighbour? We make sure that we tailor a solution that reflects your needs, not your neighbours. This way you can ensure the best possible return on investment for your money. Call us now at 0409 381 978 for our Solar Repairs Hills District!