Solar System Repair

Solar Panel Repair In Sydney

Essential NRG has been installing, repairing and maintaining solar panels for over a decade now. We understand why common problems occur and have the expertise needed to repair any solar panel in a state of disarray. If your solar panels aren’t performing as expected, call Essential NRG for a free inspection and quote on any solar repairs. We’ll arrive rapidly on-site with the tools we need to solve your problem.

Troubleshooting Solar Inverter Problems

Sometimes solar panel problems are easily solved without assistance.
• If a significant amount of dust has settled on your solar inverter panels they won’t work properly. In this situation you’ll need to wipe down the panels with a wet cloth until they’re clean.
• If trees have grown and are throwing shade onto your panels then you’ll need an arborist to trim back the branches.

Solar Inverter Repair

In other situations, you will need a professional solar inverter repair service to manage maintenance of your solar panels. These problems are more serious and may require replacement components. If your solar inverter panels were installed by Essential NRG, you may be within the lifespan of your warranty. If so, we’ll replace all broken or faulty parts at no cost.
• If there is no electrical output being produced by your solar panels it may be your inverter that has failed. A faulty panel or photovoltaic cell could also be the cause of this problem.
• Overheating may require innovative solutions. We have the know-how needed to cool down overheating solar panel.
• Depending on the configuration, solar panels can leak if cracks appear in pipes or antifreeze doesn’t warm up properly due to other problems. Contact us for all solar panel leak repairs.
• Worn out terminals can easily be replaced.

Solar Appliance Repairs

During a call out, a representative from Essential NRG will check your panels for discolouration, chips or cracks. They will check out the inverter display panel to make sure the inverter is functioning properly. We will inspect all electrical components of your appliance to make sure wires are connected properly and that switches are configured correctly. Finally, we will make sure that the structural integrity of your solar appliance is firm.
Following an inspection of your solar system, we will provide a quote on components and manpower required to fix the problem. If the problem can be solved on the spot we will do so, otherwise we will present a formal report detailing what work needs to be done and when. All of our solar repairs come with a 12-month warranty, giving you the peace of mind that only a tenured professional can provide.

Contact Essential NRG today for all solar repairs. We’re available Monday to Friday 9:00-5:00PM.