We provide PVA (Power Viability Audit) reports to customers who are applying for co-location at Telstra installations. We have extensive experience in providing these reports which are acceptable to Telstra Wholesale, Optus and Vodafone.

We can provide any site information or advice that you may need in relation to your AC and/or DC power requirements.


Critical exchanges, data centres or remote sites benefit from battery monitoring and testing, where batteries can face harsh environmental conditions that shorten the overall lifespan of the battery. Preventative maintenance on these systems helps to prevent unexpected battery failure which can lead to hazardous working conditions, fire, network outages, and potential loss of customer base.

We offer battery discharge testing for new battery banks where you require an independent test for commissioning or warranty purposes, or to ascertain the capacity of your aged batteries so you can be confident about there performance in case of power outages.


If you require DC power system or battery installation we have over 12 years experience in the Telstra and Optus environments. Whether the project is large or small we understand all of the technical and OHS requirements.